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We’re Bringing Sexy Back

To the Backend of Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

Give your WordPress admin dashboard a custom look while making it simpler and easier for you and your clients to use.

WP Admin UI allows you to customize, optimize and manage:

  • Login screen: add custom logo, add custom background image, custom css…
  • Dashboard: add background color or gradient, add a header default image, add custom background image, add custom animated preloader image…
  • Admin menu style: add background color or gradient to the menu and menu items…
  • Admin menu items: disable menus/sub-menus per user role (OR per WP Ultimo plan), rename menus/sub-menus, sort menus/sub-menus, add custom icons, preview your changes before you make them live…
  • Admin bar: disable unwanted items in admin bar, add a custom logo, customize colors…
  • More to come…


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