100+ WaaS Niche Ideas Guide

What You’ll Learn From This Profitable Niches List:

  • Over 100 profitable niches you can target with you WaaS (also many are perfect for eCommerce, authority websites, blogs and membership sites).
  • Dozens of “weird” niches that you’ve probably never heard of but are hugely profitable.
  • The best sub-niches to make money from.
  • plan of action so you can profit from these niches.




Are you struggling to find a profitable niche to target?

Are you searching for a hot niche idea?

Or maybe you want a business or “side hustle” idea you can start a WaaS on in your spare time for some extra income?


Then you’ll love these 100+ profitable niche ideas below which are all potential topics for starting passive income websites (you’ll find niches here that are perfect for blogging, eCommerce, membership sites and more).

And strangely; there are some real weird niches which you won’t have heard of before though are hugely profitable.

There’s good news; chances are you will finally discover the perfect and profitable niche for your WaaS project today!